F & P Level
Fiction Titles
Nonfiction Titles
Have You Seen My Duckling?
We Like Fruit
I Like
I Am
My Cats
What Do Insects Do?
All Kinds of Sounds
What Do Insects Do?
I Can See
My Cats
In the Forest
Lunch at the Zoo
Making Mountains
I Like Shapes
How Many Fish?
My Cat Muffin
The Balloon Ride
Sally's New Shoes
Out in the Weather
The Pencil
Cat and Mouse
Packing my Bag
Who Lives in the Arctic?
Who Lives in a Tree?
Hats Around the World
All Kinds of Signs
Big and Small Animals
Playing Outside
The Rock Pools
Where are the Babies?
Ball Games
What Has Stripes?
One for You and One for Me
Bo and Peter
In The City
Little Sister
Swing Swing Swing
The Big Hill
Spider's Web
Jack and Billy
The Treasure
Let's Pretend
At the Library
We Can Run
My Little Dog
My Accident
Four Ice Creams
Looking Down
Numbers are Everywhere
Keeping Us Safe
Patterns Everywhere
Counting at the Parade
Circles Everywhere
Animals Everywhere
Taking Care of a Pet
What is Water?
Counting to Ten
Can You See the Eggs?
The Haircut
What is Big?
Making a Memory
Winter is Here!
I'm Hungry
Not Enough Water
I Love Mud and Mud Loves Me
The Ball Game
Hide and Seek
Don't Be Late
The Toytown Helicopter
The Big Hit
Sam's Picnic
Ben's Treasure Hunt
The Toytown Fire Engine
Clever Fox
Jolly Roger, The Pirate
Father Bear Goes Fishing
The Farm in Spring
We Like Fish
Hot and Cold
Things in Space
Watch Out!
Apple Trees
My Dad's Truck
Paper Bag Trail
A Tree Can Be...
Just a Seed
Which Hat Today?
Is Tomorrow My Birthday?
A Funny Man
Small Treasures
Sam Goes to School
A Crocodile and a Whale
Where is teh Spy?
Roar Like a Tiger
Fun Days
Clothes Around the World
Toys in the Past
Moving East
Our Sun
A Tree Can Be...
Making a Cat and a Mouse
Harry's House
Itchy Itchy Chicken Pox
"What is THAT?" Said the Cat
My Dog's the Best!
Monster Math Picnic
How Far Will I Fly?
Fresh Fall Leaves
Shoveling Snow
Monkey See, Monkey Do
Vegetable Soup
Mouse Trap
Don't Be Late
The Worm Farm
Baby Bear Climbs a Tree
Kitty Cat and the Paint
The Fire on Toytown Hill
Magpie's Baking Day
The House in the Tree
The Best Cake
The Christmas Tree
The Lion and the Mouse
Sally's Friends
Baby Bear's Present
Tabby in the Tree
The Lion and the Rabbit
Honey for Baby Bear
(Beautiful Bugs)
(Bread Bread Bread)
You Can Count
Sports Rules
Wants or Needs
The Rain Forest
Places to Work
Measuring Time
We All Need Plants
The Park
Making a Caterpillar
I Shop with My Daddy
I'm a Caterpillar
"Buzz," Said the Bee
Say It, Sign It
Who Stole the Cookies?
All About You
My Friends
How Have I Grown?
Monster Math School Time
City Sounds
One Night
Rainy Day Alphabet Book
How Far Will I Fly?
The Toytown Race Car
A Treasure Island
Locked Out
Late for Soccer
Come On, Tim
Cows in the Garden
Let's Communicate
Making Maple Syrup
The Earth
The Moon
Bread Around the World
Your Five Senses
Where Do People Work?
Team Work
Shapes in the City
We All Have Shadows
A Firefighter's Day
Getting There
All About Homes
Patterns in Nature
The New Baby Calf
A Clean House for Mole and Mouse
Messy Meals
Mom's Secret
More Spaghetti, I say!
(George Shrinks)
Good Morning, Monday
Robert and the Rocket
Mr. McCready's Cleaning Day
I Was Walking Down the Road
Whose Mouse Are You?
Mama Zooms
Lazy Sailor Sam
(Amazon Sun, Amazon Rain)
Looking at Rocks
Pushes and Pulls
How We Use Electricity
All About Mammals
Find Out About Farming
Both Sides Are the Same
Adding Animals
Staying Warm
Changing the Land
Fur, Feather, or Skin
The Night Sky
Look-Alike Animals
Apples and Pumpkins
This is the Place for Me
The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry
and the Hungry Bear
Henny Penny
Noisy Nora
The Gingerbread Man
Too Many Puppies
The Lesson
Birds on Stage
Celebrations Around The World
Counting Money
We Need Money
How Things Move
Harvest Season
Matter is Everything
Healthy Eating
Goodness Gracious
Making Party Food
Making a Toy House
Fox and His Friends
City Mouse, Country Mouse
Big Mama and Grandma Ghana
My Father
Bear's Bargain
Stone Soup
Mr. Putter and Tabby Walk the Dog
Mouse Soup
Pack 109
Wake Me in Spring
Sione's Talo
What Is Matter?
It's a Dogs Life
Lend a Hand
Odd and Even
Share and Be Fair
Taking Shape
All About Snakes and Lizards
Everybody Moves
Who Wants A Ride?
Amalia and the Grasshopper
Clifford the Big Red Dog
The Bremen-town Musicians
Martin and the Tooth Fairy
Nathan & Nicholas Alexander
Jamaica's Find
Bedtime for Frances
Little Polar Bear and the Brave Little Hare
The Blind Men and the Elephant
Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie
(A Bear for Miguel)
Bargain Bear
Frog and Toad Are Friends
(A Girl Named Helen Keller)
Energy From the Sun
Matter Changes
All About Boats
Too Much Snow
Then and Now
Measure By Measure
History Rocks
Forest Doubles
Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse
The Littles
Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the U.F.O.
Horrible Harry and the Ant Invasion
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Katy and the Big Snow
The Magic Fish
The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy
(The Schoolyard Mystery)
How Much Is That Guinea Pig in the Window?
Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia
Pioneer Bear
Hill of Fire
Wagon Train
Harry and Willy and Carrothead
The Bravest Dog Ever, The True Story of Balto
Big Al
Mario Mixwell
Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King
(Hungry, Hungry Sharks!)
(The Statue of Liberty)
Blackout: Electricity and Circuits
Magnetic and Non-Magnetic
Orbit and Spin
The Moon Exposed
The Moon Book
Look and Learn
Amazon Adventure
Big, Bigger, Biggest
Dollars and Cents
Desert Seasons
Finding Patterns
Tiling Shapes
Welcome to Mexico
The Story of Corn\
Be a Plant Scientist
The Knight at Dawn
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Popcorn Book
A Chair for My Mother
Boundless Grace
George Washington's Mother
(Five True Dog Stories)
Mummies in the Morning
The Littles
Dinosaurs Before Dark
Abe Lincoln's Hat
(Freckle Juice)
Buddy, The First Seeing Eye Dog
(A Book About Your Skeleton)
What Zoo-Keepers Do
Board Sports
Oh, Baby
What's the Attraction
Parks of the USA
Leading the Way
Oranges: From Fruit to Juice
The Moon
From 1 to 100
What Scientists Do
Divided By
The Fly in the Sky
Welcome to North America
The Right Place
Built From Stone
It's All Matter
Where People Live
If The Shoe Fits
Save the Animals
Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon
Dolphin's First Day
The Magic Treehouse: Mummies in The Morning
Pirate's Promise
The Gadget War
How to Be Cool in the Third Grade
Wagon Wheels
Next Spring an Oriole
Sidewalk Story
The Cat Who Wore a Hat on her Head
What Am I Made Of?
(We'll Never Forget You, Roberto Clemente)
The Titanic: Lost and Found
(Gorillas: Gentle Giants of the Forest)
Settling in the West
Water Cycle
The Hundred Dresses
The Boxcar Children
Owl Moon
The Most Wonderful Doll in the World
The Cat's Meow
The Spray-Paint Mystery
The Legend of Bluebonnet
Borreguita and the Coyote
The Liberation of Gabriel King
Elaine and the Flying Frog
(The Case of the Secret Message)
City Green
The Night Crossing
Pippi Longstocking
-Kids in Colonial Times
The Story of Ruby Bridges
Desert Explorer
A Look at Spiders
Renewable Energy
Science In Your Life: Electricity, Turn it On
A Look at Snakes
Animals in Danger
Wild Water Floods
States of Matter
Energy Transfers
Inside a Rain Forest
Amazing Trains
The Sun
The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth
The Berenstain Bear Scouts: Ghost Versus Ghost
Llama Pajamas
Circle of Gold
Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World
It's Mine!
"Wanted Dead or Alive" The True Story of Harriet Tubman
Five Brave Explorers
If You Lived in Colonial Times
The Iditarod
World of Water
Coral Reefs
Drita My Homegirl
The Hundred Penny Box
...If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln
Harry's Mad
The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates
There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom
Day of the Blizzard
Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade
The Lemonade Trick
Half Moon Investigations
There's a Hamster in My Lunchbox
Class Clown
Sarah Morton's Day
The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs
Encyclopedia Brown takes the Cake
I Have a Dream The Story of Martin Luther King
True Stories About Abraham Lincoln
Extreme Secrets of Sport
Electrical Circuits and Currents
Island Animals
Our Water Supply
Life in the Temperate Forest
Fossil Fuels
(Troll Fell)
(The Math Wiz)
The Enormous Egg
(The Whipping Boy)
Charlotte's Web
(The Witches)
The Laundry News
The Classsroom at the End of the Hall
How to Eat Fried Worms
(The Secret Soldier)
(Out of Patience)
(No Talking)
Pirates Don't Wear Pink Sunglasses
Teacher's Pet
(Snow Treasure)
Kid Power
The Great Kapok Tree
The Adventures of Spider
Fiction Zone II Books
Gentle Annie
The Secret Soldier: The Story of Deborah Sampson
Martin Luther King Day
Weather Words and What They Mean
The Particle Model of Matter
Oceans and Seas
Sports From Ancient Olympics to the Super Bowl
Our Moon
Hydroelectric Power
The Oregon Trail
Our Sun
Our Earth
The Dwarf Planets
Animal Watch
Animals in Danger
Laura Ingalls Wilder, An Author's Story
Take Care of Our Earth
Magnetism and Electromagnets
Phoebe the Spy
-Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt
...If You Grew Up with George Washington
The Rough-Face Girl
Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China
Samuel's Choice
(Misty of Chinocoteague)
(Ida B)
(Finding Buck McHenry)
The Last Treasure
The Magnificent Mummy Maker
The Orphan of Ellis Island
The Anybodies
(A Picture Book of Harriet Tubman)
The Story of the White House
Out of Darkness: The Story of Louis Braille
Animal Heroes
Exploring the Solar System
Geothermal Power
The Water Cycle: Evaporation, Condensation, & Erosion
The Revolutionary War: Homefront
Extreme-Defying Gravity
The Boston Tea Party
(Crooked River)
Mr. Popper's Penguins
Counting on Grace
Danny, the Champion nof the World
Ghost Cadet
Abel's Island
Black Angels
Animorphs #4: The Message
Losing Joe's Place
Navajo Long Walk
Steal Away to Freedom
SOS Titanic
They Came From Center Field
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters
Zlata's Diary
Fur, Feathers, and Flippers: How Animals Live Where They Do
How To...
Australia's Most Amazing Animals
The World of Olympics
How Animals Communicate
Living in a Rain Forest
Nuclear Power
Down the Drain: Conserving Water
The Breaker Boys
Midnight Magic
The Summer of the Swans
The People of Sparks
(The City of Ember)
(Surviving the Applewhites)
(Every Soul a Star)
Ocean Life: Tide Pool Creatures
Overcoming Challenges
What Do We Know About Stars and Galaxies?
What Do We Know About the Solar System?
The History and Activities of the Revolutionary War
A Forest Community
Wind Energy
Extreme Motorcycle Racing
Give Me Liberty
(The Mysterious Benedict Society)
The Boston Massacre
Westward Expansion
Discovering the Moons of Jupiter
Crumbling Earth
Blood on the River
Home of the Brave
Shakespeare's Secret
A Family Apart
Among the Hidden
A Wrinkle in Time
The Kite Fighters
(How to Dissappear Completely and Never Be Found)
Voices of the American Revolution
Lion Boy
Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan
The Revolutionary War
Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors
Becoming Naomi Leon
(Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy)
(When Zachary Beaver Came to Town)
The Louisiana Purchase
Harriet Tubman, Secret Agent
The Trail of Tears